Be Rock Solid

Life feels a little precarious these days, hmm? A year ago the world was turned on its ear and our foundation became shaky. Where to turn, what to do? The good news is, you are much stronger, resilient and resourceful than you likely ever imagined.

Some of you may scoff at this idea, but it’s true. You have way more in you than you believe. What creates self-doubt? It can be our upbringing, our own self-talk, and/or negative messages from jealous naysayers. As well, society and the media are particularly incessant right now with the message that we’re weak and vulnerable.

If you’re having trouble feeling strong and stable, carve out a little time to do some self-analysis, Take stock of yourself, your abilities, the tools and assets you have to work with, much as a company might do a SWOT analysis. For those not familiar with the term, SWOT is the acronym for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats.

It’s easy, really. It just takes a little time commitment. Your peace of mind is well worth it, yes? Sit down, make four lists about yourself under the above categories. Everything becomes organized and clearer. You can then objectively assess it all and set a goal(s) to strengthen the area(s) where you feel most vulnerable.

Additionally, recognition of your existing strengths is very empowering in the present now. It will give you the encouragement to build your personal strength arsenal. This exercise helps to remove the anxiety of “the unknown”, which lately has become a constant threat in our minds.

Be aware of your thoughts, because the messages we give ourselves are important. Do your self-SWOT, and make yourself the solid rock that you can always depend on. There will never be a better time than now.

© Susan L Hart 2021 |  Friendly comments welcome



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