The Doorway 2021

Any new year can be a little daunting. There is all that self-assessment of the year past, and realizing that perhaps we didn’t accomplish quite what we intended 365 days ago. There is certainly some of that going on for me today.

BUT, in it I am also cutting myself some slack by realizing that life sometimes dishes out some unexpected surprises, and, we can’t always see into the future (and therefore plan for it) as well as we hope to. I love Isak Dinesen’s quote from Out of Africa, “God made the world round so we would never be able to see too far down the road.”

After all, are not the surprises, the unexpected twists and turns in the road, part of what makes life exciting and challenging? It is often the journey and our lessons that hold the most satisfaction, not the destination we think we want. From that point of view and in the fullness of time, 2020 may well prove to be one of our best years ever. It was a turning point like no other. It opened our eyes. It gave us some clarity.

The great realization is that even though I didn’t fulfill all my goals, I achieved enough to encourage me forward on my path. This year gifted me with clarity in the bigger picture of my purpose. That is huge! Today something deep within me whispers, “keep going”. I therefore will push forward with renewed determination, vigor, and vision, whilst making some alterations with my compass.

Every new year holds within it the potentiality and opportunity to create something completely new. If 2020 showed us nothing else, it is that we are ready for some big changes, and I mean that in a good way. The “same old, same old” just isn’t working for us any more.

What will be your vision of life for 2021? What are the thoughts, dreams, intentions, and actions today that will manifest your vision in the coming days? Your life is your story and no one else’s. Own your story. Do everything within your power this year to make it a beautiful and fulfilling one.

I wish for you the realization of your deepest dreams, and I look forward to sharing many more words with you in 2021. Happy New Year!

© Susan L Hart 2021 |  Friendly comments welcome.

Photo courtesy Larisa-K, Pixabay


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