Nature Teaches Us

When I see a solitary tree in a field, I wonder… Are you lonely out there? Do you yearn for the other trees, your family?

But wait, when the farmer cleared the field and if there were others, why did he not cut you down too? Perhaps there was something in you that he felt. A will to live? A purpose not yet fulfilled?

Were you the one tree that looked strong enough to withstand the solitude, to be staunch and strong through every harshness imaginable to guard his field?

But wait, you are NOT alone. Earth, air, sky, clouds, rain, sun… You are nurtured, cradled, and loved by all of it.

Perhaps you demonstrate that not just simply survival – but dare we hope great joy? – is found in your ostensibly lonely journey.

But still I wonder, DO you miss your trees? Your family?

Hmm. Perhaps not. Perhaps you also teach that it is ALL family.


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