The Best Stuff in Us

Times of challenge and strife tend to bring out the best in human beings. When our backs are up against the wall, we dig down deeper and use the best attributes in our tool boxes to help each other pull through it.

We find we have more fortitude, depth, kindness, compassion, courage, spirituality, generosity, industriousness, capability, independence, connectedness, creativity, determination, vision, faith, and good intentions then we ever realized.

That’s quite a list, is it not? I’m sure I’ve missed a few, but..

Oh wait, I forgot the most important one… LOVE.

We find out we have more LOVE than we ever thought possible. Yes, we tap into the potentiality of infinite love, not just for our immediate friends and family, but for our neighbors, for the ones we see are suffering in the greater humanity. We become bigger inside. We grow.

Perhaps that is what this time is all about, yes? This time of challenge is about our soul growth, a reaching out to achieve something that has lain dormant for a long, long time. We will see a burst in humanity that has never been seen before.

It is going to be a very beautiful thing. So, do not be disheartened. With love and determination, together we’ve got this!

© Susan L Hart 2020 |  Friendly comments welcome.

Photo courtesy Emma Bauso, Pixabay