True to Yourself

Are you being true to yourself? This year 2020 has magnified everything – people who are critical and judgmental if we don’t adhere to their opinions (or worse, they are outright aggressive), events in our society that do not feel right, they do not ring true, but we stuff it down inside and quietly acquiesce.

These little betrayals of ourselves, our gut feelings and own wisdom, eventually add up and take their toll. It is called selling our souls, piece by piece. We can ignore the discomfort in ourselves about it for awhile, but eventually it’s time to pay the piper. At a certain point, we just do not feel good about how we are treating ourselves.

Be true to yourself. No one is going to  hear you or respect you if you don’t do that for yourself, first and foremost.

Re-examine all you have been told. Dismiss what insults your soul.
~ Walt Whitman

© Susan L Hart 2020 |  Friendly comments welcome | Photo courtesy Jarod Lovekamp, Pexels