Imagination’s Power

Do you use the power of imagination to
to create and expand your life? If not,
you are not alone. Although right-brained
creative thinking does come naturally to
some people, it does not to others.

Personally I think our educations systems
need an overhaul. We are taught “known
knowledge” and we’re expected to regurgitate
it by rote. There is some value in that,
but it is also very limiting to the innate
potential of our human consciousness.

What if part of our education from a young
age was geared towards developing our
imagination and creative thinking skills?
New inventions and solutions to existing
problems require creative thinking.

If you recognize that your brain is too
locked down in “what is” and you’re not
giving any time to “what could be”, here is
a good article with 10 tips on how to
get your creative mind purcolating:

10 Ways to Boost Your Imagination and
Achieve Big Things


Photo courtesy Clive Kim, Pexels

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