Finding Truth

Humanity is struggling to find the truth.
With the incessant yackety-yak of media
and the so obvious inconsistencies in
various controversial political narratives
(including about COVID), how do we
know what is true? People are turning to
fact checkers, and I ask you, how do we
really know for sure they speak the truth?
It is a very deep rabbit hole and one has
to wonder, how far does it go? Society
appears to be riven with lies,. Our big
challenge is uncovering the truth.

Have you considered that the real “truth
barometer” resides inside you? Listen
to the narrative(s), have discernment, use
your critical thinking skills, question,
question, and question more, then listen
to your gut. Does the news you process
resonate as truth? Or, does it make you
squirm? Is there a niggling piece inside
you, which in spite of being contrary to
what you previously believed, just won’t
be suppressed? Therein lies your clue.

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Photo courtesy Alex Fu, Pexels

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