A New Vision

Throughout all of time, humanity has experienced periods of light and dark. Historically, the low periods are an opportunity to examine the darkness, not just in the world, but also within us. Overcoming oppression is often a key theme played out in society during these times.

When I look at society right now, there can be (I think) no doubt that society has fallen to a new low. It appears to be acceptable for our leaders to bully us. (What right do they have?) And people in the interests of changing society use low energy tools such as shaming, blaming, guilt, and aggression to achieve their goal of forcing others to align to their viewpoint. It is just more bullying. Basically, humanity is groveling in the dirt.

We are so much better than this. It’s time to lift our eyes to the stars, and aspire to higher spiritual principles. We need to envision and work together to achieve a world of higher integrity and values. We can do this, but it’s time now to get on board and actively participate in creating a better world.


© Susan L Hart 2020 |  Friendly comments welcome | Photo courtesy of Kendall Hoopes, Pexels