Take a Stand

The dramatic changes taking place in
society are making us squirm.
Why would that be, do you think?
I would suggest it is less about the
external upheaval and more about
the internal turmoil.

The external world is causing us to
evaluate our internal value systems.
Many will look for what the crowd
seems to be deciding and follow it.
But now more than ever, it is time
for us as individuals to do our own
critical thinking and have the courage
to take a stand, even if it flies in the
face of consensual opinion. The future
of humanity depends on it.

Have the courage to be different, if deep
down you have convictions you feel are
right, but they “go against the flow”.

Those who really know you and if you
are a good person, will accept you even
when you dare to have a different opinion.
Those who don’t know you and see you as
“the enemy” because you dared to be
different from them, well, in the greater
scheme of your life, do they matter?


© Susan L Hart 2020 |  Friendly comments welcome.