Gaia Awaits You

Gaia the Earth Goddess

I step from boat to island shore
and she is waiting.
A warm soft wind gently
caresses my face,
the alluring scent of green
delicately fills my nostrils.

She seduces me.

A gleaming azure sky
calms my agitated mind.
Supple trees drape
the curving roadside,
a satin emerald cloak
befitting the Goddess.

She shimmers for me.

Brilliant sunlight dances
on a turquoise ocean.
The water glitters with diamonds,
coaxing me to play,
graceful sea birds soar overhead,
calling me to be free.

She sparkles for me.

Exotic languorous lizards
ancient as all time
meander lazily on my path.
They scoff at all clocks!
Finally I relax into her
warm tranquil rhythm.

She soothes me.

Time slips away and
becomes meaningless here,
no demands, no expectations,
she loves me without condition.
She feeds my soul
with her enduring grace,
her heartbeat is mine,
and mine becomes hers.

She saves me.


© Susan L Hart 2020 |  Friendly comments welcome | Photo courtesy, Pexels