Dream or Reality?

Do you lucid dream? I do. Lucid dreams
feel as real as “real life”.
As a kid I had a recurring nightmare.
It was terrifying, and each time I lived
it, my fear controlled the outcome.
Then one night I observed myself in
the dream; I realized I was dreaming
and did not have to be a victim in it.
At that point my fear dissipated and I
directed the dream for a different
outcome. The nightmare stopped.

Now look around you at what is
happening in the world. Be an
objective observer. You have the
power with your mind to effect the
outcome, as long as you do not
become a slave to someone else’s
narrative about what reality is
or “should be”. We can direct our
reality, even when it appears that we
cannot. This takes focus.


Author website: SusanLHart.com