Smile | Curved lips, happy eyes, lift every heart they meet, spread infectious joy. |

Smile | Spread Joy

Little did I realize when I wrote this Hart Haiku post last September, how our smiles would be masked over now. Think about that as you read this, please, and contemplate deeply the effect of the loss of our smiles out there in the world. My words are unaltered from the original post before COVID-19, including the haiku, which interestingly includes the word “infectious”. Here it is again:

A smile is one of those powerful tools in our life toolbox, but sometimes we forget to use it. Distracted with our own thoughts, we easily disconnect into our own headspace. But a smile is a gift, a little piece of light and hope we can send out to others, and it does not cost us anything but a little conscious thought and effort. And before we know it, it becomes an easy habit.

Even if you don’t feel like it, send a smile to at least one stranger on your path today. Perhaps you won’t get one back; maybe that person is in a place that they are simply unable return it. But you gave them a little love offering, one that may positively impact them in ways you will never know.

It is also as likely you will receive a smile back that will light up your own world, even just for a moment. Each smile is full of possibility, the potential to create something good. There is a reason smiles are curved. Yours and the ones you receive back make a circle, a never-ending ripple effect of infinite joy.

Smile, and spread some joy today.


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