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Dragonfly | Lightness & Joy

Legends abound, particularly among indigenous peoples, about the symbolism and teachings of the animal world. They believe that the Earth speaks to us through all living creatures.

Not only are we deeply connected to the heartbeat of nature, it is also constantly teaching us. That is, when we care to pay attention and listen. Nature speaks in its own language.  The key is to move beyond simple observance and feel the reaction within us, listening to the intuitions that come to us as we observe.

Making Time to Tap into our Joy

Joy leads to a feeling of lightness of being within ourselves. It is an expression, I believe, of our true natural state, but too often it gets buried beneath burden. Joy is relief from those heavy feelings that we inevitably must deal with in our daily lives, and particularly right now.

A suggestion: If you cannot do those things that bring you joy right now, then carve out a short calm time in your day to close your eyes and play them like short movies in your mind. As you watch the pictures roll through your mind, tune into the feeling(s) within you as you observe. Let the movie flow throughout your body. Also, imagine yourself doing those things again, if that is something you desire. This will create the reality of it in future. Strong feelings and images are very powerful when combined.

I will leave it up to you to decide what may bring you some light relief right now. This is very subjective and personal. As an example, I am bringing to you something that brings me great joy and makes me feel light of heart, without fail.

The Magic of Dragonfly

The magical dragonfly is a fond girlhood memory of summer for me. Paddling around the lake on sultry afternoons, I loved to watch their iridescent colors flitting among the graceful lily pads. They captivated me. There was a purity and magic about these tiny gossamer creatures. They seemed to be visiting me from some mysterious, unseen faerie world, to which for a few moments I was privy.

Peace and a feeling of the goodness in the world were mine, and they still are when I close my eyes and revisit this memory.

There is extensive symbology attributed to the dragonfly in various cultures. For such a tiny creature, it sure has made a big impression on us. More reading on dragonfly symbology here: The Meaning of a Dragonfly: What Does a Dragonfly Symbolize?

Or, simply sit back, relax, meditate on the beautiful photo. And like the dragonfly, be light in your heart and feel amazement for the beauty of nature that is gifted to us.

Inspirational quote:

“…What if the point is to stop, then,… and listen to the birdsong, to watch the dragonflies hover, to look at your lover’s face, then up at the undersides of leaves moving together in the breeze? What if the point is to invite these others into your movement, to bring trees, wind, grass, dragonflies into your family and in so doing abandon any attempt to control them? What if the point all along has been to get along, to relate, to experience things on their own terms? What if the point is to feel joy when joyous, love when loving, anger when angry, thoughtful when full of thought? What if the point from the beginning has been to simply be?”  ~ Derrick Jensen, A Language Older than Words


Photos courtesy of Pixabay, Pexels

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