Truth | Straight as an arrow, truth seeeks its spirit target and won't be denied. |

Truth | The Straight Arrow

The truth is the truth. Constant, consistent, it vibrates to the inner core of our being. We feel the truth. Like the straight arrow, the truth hits the bullseye. It does not take a winding path to some ever shifting mark in the sand.

As the narrative unwinds about this new Coronavirus, I notice inconsistencies day-to-day. In my local paper, there are major ones regarding available test kits, financial budget to support this crisis, etc.

We are good people and we trust that the narrative being told to us is the truth. There is no way to prove some of this stuff. But, what we can do is watch for the constancy, the consistency, and most importantly, listen to that inner vibe within us. Then we know where to properly place our trust.

If you are not already doing so, it is time to listen to your inner truth. Spiritual warriors do not put blind faith in the consensual narrative. With patience and perseverance, they observe, analyze, and go inward for the answers.

Look for the truth and be the arrow.

In rune stones, Teiwaz the arrow symbol stands for the spiritual warrior. This is your call to be the spiritual warrior. We need you, because ultimately this current Coronavirus crisis will reveal itself to be a battle less about biology and more about the spirit.


Photos courtesy PaulSBarlow and Tuesday Temptation, Pexels

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