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Regeneration | Of Life

It’s the classic story of the Phoenix rising. This morning I came across this Bright Vibes article about regrowth beginning after the recent devastating Australian fires: Life finds a way: pictures after the Australian bushfires. I urge you to take just a moment to open the article; no reading required, just amazing photos of the miracle of regeneration after devastation. They will light up your day.

I was reminded and heartened by the strength of will of all life on this planet to survive and endure. Some days it just feels like it’s all falling apart, so photos like this restore faith in the eternal cycle of life, a welcome beacon in a night of growing despair.

To take it a step further, the will of the human spirit to endure and overcome hardship is also a source of amazement and inspiration to me. It seems like humanity is really being challenged at the moment. It’s our moment to step up to the plate and prove that we can do it better, for the Earth, and for each other.

It’s time for a regeneration of the human spirit.


Photos courtesy of TerriAnneAllen and Pixabay, Pexels

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