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A Day | Gratitude

Merry Christmas to my readers who celebrate this holiday! And, good wishes to all of you in this holiday season, however you may celebrate by your traditions.

Think of the fuss and preparation we make for our particular special holidays on the calendar. It is not possible to celebrate every day of the year that way. Think of how exhausting (and expensive) that would be!

Or is it?

Each day given to us is a gift, and particularly when we can share it with people we love. So today’s post is simply a short message of gratitude for all that is good in our lives.

There is beauty and sacredness to be found in every single day, when we choose to live life that way. It’s the small things all around us, all the time, that give life its true magic.

Feliz Navidad, and may your lives be filled with many blessings, today and every day.


Photo courtesy of Bob SpringBob54, Pexels

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