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Quiet | Hear yourself think

The world is a busy place. And it’s not just busy; it’s also very  NOISY. Many of us are caught up in the frenetic fray, by necessity, far too much for our health. And that translates to excessive exposure to noise.

A couple of years ago, I became aware of the low grade day-to-day stress effect that traffic noise in my neighborhood was having on me. I realized that I was feeling constantly on edge from it. I did some research, and was appalled at the myriad detrimental health effects that noise can have on us.

My partner and I took measures and moved to a quieter area of the city, and near a large park with a river where we can take exercise in nature. If that is not possible for you, but, you’re feeling the negative effects of noise, here’s an article with 5 great tips for carving out some quiet time for yourself, (and why you should): 5 Ways to Find Quiet in a Chaotic Day

And I have a little treat for you. Pause for just a moment, and walk into this tranquil scene. Ahh, sweet solitude and quiet. Can you feel it?


Photo courtesy James Wheeler, Pexels

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