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Tears | Pachamama cries

Around the world, there are many names given to Mother Nature by the indigenous peoples. High in the Andes mountains, her name is Pachamama. She is the provider for the people, her children.

In all indigenous cultures, respect for Earth and all that she provides is a fundamental principle. And, the belief that we should care and provide for her as much as she does for us. The essential word for this is “reciprocity”, that is, mutual benefit.

The problem in modern societies is that we have lost that fundamental concept of reciprocity. We became a “me society”, self-centered and competitive. Life became about appearing to be the most successful, to accumulate the best things in order to feed our egos, and the corporations supported and encouraged it.

We cannot lay blame. We have free will, and we are responsible too. So I ask you, what are we going to do about this? We must first ask ourselves, what is it that we really value in life?

For example, this morning I read about Sweden’s progressive advancements with recycling. Their system is not perfect; technological advancements take time and money. However, they cite the collective mindset of the Swedes as playing a big part in their successes. The people are on board.

Yes, our mindsets, attitudes, intentions and actions DO make a difference!


Photos courtesy Anil Kumar Giridhar and Aleksander Pasaric, Pexels

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