Genuine | Simply Daisy

Simple, straightforward, and true, the lovely daisy reminds me of the girl next door in movies. She’s just there, being herself, being a friend, while the male protagonist is gaga over the breathtaking rose who is “stuck on herself” at school.

Sometimes we are blind to what is right in front of us. The daisy grows wild in the field, with the wind “blowing through her hair”. Yes, she can be grown in a hothouse too. But the essence of this flower is purity, innocence, and freedom. It’s no wonder that during the hippie movement of the 60’s, daisies were common in floral crowns worn by women, and a “flower in the gun” peaceful symbol of protest against war.

Do not underestimate the power of the demure daisy. Her genuine honesty and freedom-loving nature will sneak up on you, and steal your heart away.


Photo courtesy Free=Photos, Pexels

Genuine | Simply Daisy © Susan L Hart 2019 | Hart Haiku