Nature's Power | Shafts of golden light shine softly through crimson leaves. My soul seeps in now. |

Nature’s Power | Live in now

Mother Nature has many magic potions up her sleeve. In this case, the haiku message is her power to help us develop the art of mindfulness – that is, immersing fully in the moment. When we walk in a nature area and pay mindful attention to all the beautiful details, our mind monkeys (worries about the future, regrets about the past) tend to fall away, at least for a little while. We start to understand the true power of now.

I like the points made by the Mind and Life Institute in this article: An Exploration of Nature, Mindfulness and Well-Being

A little exercise for you: Next time you go out for a nature break, observe yourself. I have gone for entire walks so wound up in my thoughts, I really do not see much at all. There is a big difference between “looking” and “seeing”. When you make a conscious effort to really see what’s on your path, mindfulness comes into play.

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