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Compassion | Your love

The world is in major flux right now. There are many third world populations struggling to meet the necessary requirements of life – food, shelter, clothing. Venezuela is just one example in the news right now. There has always been economic disparity in the world, but it is growing.

And in first world countries, there are individuals battling with their inner demons, products of a culture where there is immense pressure to acquire, succeed, measure up. Too often this means “materially”. Society is building more walls to manage it, literally and figuratively. Our technologies, although they seemingly connect us, can also promote feelings of isolation in people.

Compassion is an act of love

It is very sad for anyone to be in a situation that feels hopeless. And yet, these are the trials of the soul that cause us to grow. We dig deeper to find a way out of the darkness, stretching towards the light. And while we are doing that, it helps if someone reaches out a hand to show us the way.

Now more than ever, it behooves us to express compassion to others. I believe that in the long run, the human race will not survive without it. We each need to find ways to heal the things that separate us from other human beings, and build on the connections that unite us. Compassion is an essential tool to move this world to a better place.

A good article by Leigh Tremaine on compassion: 9 Powerful Benefits of Compassion

Inspirational Quote:

“True compassion is more than flinging a coin to a beggar; it comes to see that an edifice which produces beggars needs restructuring.” ~ Martin Luther King Jr.

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